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Creating Textual and Numeric Choices
Once the options are created, you can add possible choices for each option.
To create choices for an option:
1. Go to the Option Pool tab.
2. Expand the tree view to display the options, and click the option for which you want to add choices.
3. Select the Design Choice or Sales Choice tab in the right pane.
4. Right-click the option, and then click New Choice.
You can also do this in the right pane by using the Choices table toolbar action .
5. The New Choice window opens. To add choices, click and type the name and description for each choice.
6. If you are creating choices for a numeric option, you must enter the value for each numeric choice. The value is entered in the default units.
7. When finished adding all choices for the option, click OK. The choices are added to the Choices table located in the right pane.