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Inserting a Document
The Insert Document action allows you to create an out-of-sequence revision of an existing document while simultaneously replacing the primary content and editing certain attributes. To create an out-of-sequence revision without changing the primary content, see Revising an Object.
You can use this action to keep document versions in sync with their source. For example, if you have a document with the version A.3, and a vendor sends you an updated copy of the document that has the revision label D. Instead of replacing the content of A.3 and checking it back in as A.4, you can use the Insert Document action to replace the primary content file and check the document back in as D.1.
This action is only available when working from a Product or Library.
By default, this action does not appear. To enable the insert action, set the Revise > Allow Override On Insert preference to Yes. For more information, see Preference Management.
Site administrators can add a Revision field to the New Document window, allowing users to set an out-of-sequence revision label when creating documents. Once enabled, the availability of this functionality is controlled using profiles. For more information, see Enabling Set Revision While Creating a New Object.
1. From the Folder Contents table, select Actions > New > Insert Document.
Have the Windchill number identifier of the document available before proceeding.
2. Under Search for Master, enter the number assigned to the current version of the Windchill document. The data for the current iteration of the selected document is then used to populate the values in the next step. Click Next.
3. Under the Set Document Attributes step, upload the primary content source and modify the attributes for the new revision. For more information, see Editing a Document.
4. In the Revision field, enter a new document revision or click Select Revision to open a window in which you can select a revision from a drop-down menu.
You can only enter the revision, not the full version identifier. For example, D is an acceptable selection, but entering D.3 returns an error. For more information, see Object Versions.
5. Under the Set Attachments step, you can use the Attachments table to add additional or secondary content to the document.
6. Click Finish to create the new revision.