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Capture a Procedure with a HoloLens or Trimble Device
If you are not using Locations when capturing your procedure, then you do not need to sign into Vuforia Capture.
For best practices when creating a capture, see Best Practices.
1. Open Vuforia Capture on your device.
2. Say, “New capture.” If you’re not already signed in, you will be prompted to sign in so that you can use spatial awareness and place locations. Or, you can choose to disable locations and continue the procedure without spatial awareness.
3. Once recording starts and you see the red button flashing, begin performing the first step in your procedure.
Recording begins very shortly after you say, “New capture,” so be sure that you’re ready to start your procedure.
4. Once you’ve completed the first step, say, “Next step.”
5. Continue performing your procedure using the “Next step” command to start new steps.
Don’t forget to use the “Place location” command to mark important locations in your procedure. This will help guide the user through the environment in which they will be viewing and carrying out the procedure.
6. Once you’ve completed your procedure and are ready to save your capture, say, “Finish capture.” Edit the title if desired and then save the capture.
7. Now, you’re ready to upload your Capture file to your computer and started editing in Vuforia Editor.
Key Voice Commands
If You Want to...
Access Vuforia Capture settings to sign out.
“View settings”
Create a brand new capture.
“New capture”
Start a new step.
“Next step”
Take a picture within the current step.
“Take photo”
Place and save a location using spatial awareness.
Once you place a location, stay in the spot where you placed it to make sure it is successfully saved.
“Place location”
“Save location”
Create a bookmark as a reference point in the current step.
This command is helpful when you want to call out a point in the procedure that is important.
“Add bookmark”
Open or close the menu to view the following options:
Pause capture
Add bookmark
Finish capture
These options can also be activated outside of the menu.
“Open menu”
“Close menu”
Lock the toolbar menu at a specific location.
“Lock menu”
“Unlock menu”
You can also air-tap or dwell on the lock icon to lock the menu.
Pause video recording.
Once you say, “Resume capture,” video recording will start again, a new step started.
“Pause capture”
Finish the capture.
“Finish capture”
“Save capture”—Saves your capture and allows you to access the Capture file by plugging your device into your computer. For more information, see the Access the Capture File section in Create and Edit Procedures with Vuforia Editor.
“Edit title”—Allows you to edit the title using dictation.
“Go back”—Returns you to your capture and starts a new step.
For information about HoloLens voice commands, see the “HoloLens-specific commands” section on Microsoft’s Voice Input page.
Key Gestures
Head-gaze and dwell
Allows you to select an icon or action by gazing at the button and dwelling on it until the green indicator forms a circle around the button.
This gesture can be useful when you need to be completely hands-free during your procedure and are in a noisy environment where voice commands may not be reliable.
Allows you to select an button by placing your gaze dot on a the button and air-tapping.
Displays the HoloLens device menu allowing you to access and select any of the HoloLens menu options.