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Best Practices
Capturing a Procedure
Before you capture your procedure with Vuforia Capture, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve documented the process you will use to create work instruction procedures. For more information, see Create Procedure Workflow in the Vuforia Expert Capture success path.
Before you start your Capture session, make sure that your camera is positioned properly.
Use short, action-oriented instructions, and speak in a clear and natural tone of voice. Treat the Capture session as if you were instructing or guiding another person on how to successfully complete the procedure from start to finish.
Make an intentional effort to ‘look with your head’ rather than your eyes to make sure you’re capturing the appropriate view.
Video is continuously recorded throughout a Capture session (unless deliberately paused)
Don’t worry about making it absolutely perfect—you’ll be able to edit it in Vuforia Editor.
Pause the capture to reduce content that is not core or relevant to authoring the work procedure (for example, a long wait time between steps).
The “Pause capture" command inserts a new step once you resume.
Place Locations to create Mission Points (spatial anchors) at any point during a Capture session to associate a step with a physical place in the environment. You will need to be signed in to use spatial awareness.
Locations aren’t required, but if you do choose to use them, the current step you’re on will be associated to that anchor behind the scenes. Additionally, any future steps are also associated to that location until another location is placed. All step information is displayed where that location was placed upon Playback. If you do not use locations, the steps will float in front of the user instead of being associated to a particular spatial location.
Use bookmarks to mark significant moments during the Capture session. Bookmarks are used during editing as reference points to revisit during the authoring process.
Ensure that the device battery is fully charged before beginning a Capture session.
Regularly remove old Capture files from the device to ensure there’s sufficient space for new captures (~100MB per minute).
Adjust the camera to ensure that the microphone is not in view of the camera.
Also make sure ensure that the camera is adjusted to capture their hands or any other desirable surface or area that you want included in your Capture session.
For general information about wearing and using a RealWear device, see RealWear’s FAQ and the “Preparing for Your Success” section on the Support page.