Material Settings Tab
A material is a part or product that is produced by an individual work center. The settings that apply to materials for a work center are specified in the Material Settings tab.
The Material Settings tab is available on work center details pages.
The Material Settings tab.
This tab is divided into the following sections:
Pacemaker—The pacemaker is the work unit that sets the pace of production for the work center. The name of the work unit that is set as the pacemaker for the work center is displayed in the Pacemaker field. For information on changing the pacemaker, see Changing a Pacemaker.
Production Block Duration—The specified value sets the production block duration for all materials which are produced by this work center, except when an individual material in the Materials List has its own production block duration setting. When the Use the default production block settings for the site. checkbox is selected, the production block duration that is set for the site is used by the work center. To specify a new production block duration for this work center, clear the checkbox selection. You can update the duration to a maximum of 23 hours and 59 minutes, and a minimum of 2 minutes.
After making your changes, click Save. A success message confirms that the default material settings have been saved.
Material List—This table lists all the materials that can be produced by the work center. For each material, the production block duration, ideal cycle time, and best demonstrated speed display.
The Materials List table from the Material Settings tab.
An asterisk (*) in the Production Block Duration column indicates that the production block duration has been overridden for that specific material. Otherwise, the production block duration that is set for the work center in the Production Block Duration section is used. When the Best Demonstrated Speed value is faster than the Ideal Cycle Time for the material, an alert icon () displays next to the Ideal Cycle Time.
The displayed values for the ideal cycle time and best demonstrated speed are rounded off to a single decimal place. The calculation comparing the two values considers the complete value. For example, both a best demonstrated speed of 17.389 and an ideal cycle time of 17.401 display as 17.4, but the alert (Alert icon.) displays because the best demonstrated speed of 17.389 is faster than the ideal cycle time of 17.401.
To add a material to the list, click Add. To edit a material, select a material and click Edit. If you have selected multiple rows, use CTRL + click to clear a row selection. You can narrow down the material list by entering search criteria in the Filter field. The search results impact the Material Name column only.
The total number of materials is displayed at the bottom of the table. To move between materials on different pages, click Left navigation arrow. or Right navigation arrow..
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