Production Dashboard > Pacemakers
The pacemaker is the work unit that sets the production pace for a work center. Typically, the pacemaker is the slowest work unit in the work center. The performance of the pacemaker determines whether operators need to account for time loss. When the pacemaker is under-performing, loss events need to be entered to account for that loss.
Each work center has a designated pacemaker. On the Production Dashboard, the pacemaker is shown in the identity pane after the work center is set.
A close-up of the identity pane from the Production Dashboard with a red rectangle and arrow highlighting the pacemaker field.
Production counts for a job order and loss events are always logged against the pacemaker. If the reason for a loss event occurs at a work unit upstream or downstream from the pacemaker, you can indicate this by selecting that work unit as the Work Unit Causing Event when entering or editing the loss event.
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