Site Configuration Tab
The Site Configuration tab includes settings that apply to an individual site.
The Site Configuration tab is available on site details pages. On this tab you can view the time zone, set the standard duration for production blocks, and set OEE thresholds for the site.
The Site Configuration tab.
This tab is made up of three parts, as discussed below:
The Time Zone pane displays the UTC time as specified for the site. This value is specified at the time of site creation and cannot be updated.
In the Production Block Settings pane, you can set the standard duration of production blocks for all work centers in the site. When you initially load the page, the duration is set to 1 hour. You can update the duration as appropriate for your site, to a maximum of 23 hours and 59 minutes, and a minimum of 2 minutes.
In the OEE Thresholds pane, you can set the threshold values for determining the Poor, OK, and Good value ranges for the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) values in percentage. Colors are associated with each value range: Poor—red, OK—yellow, and Good—green. In Production Dashboard, the color for the production block in the Production Accounting pane is determined by the value range in which the OEE for a production block falls. The specified values must be positive and can have a maximum of 2 integers and 4 decimal places.
World Class OEE is the minimum OEE for which companies should strive based on industry standards and best practices.
After you have specified the required values, click Save. A success message confirms that the configuration settings have been saved. You can see the values defined on this page in the Production Accounting pane of the Production Dashboard page. The actual OEE performance calculation determines the color of each production block.
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