Adding a Material to a Work Center
To add a material, complete the following steps:
1. In the Material List table toolbar on the Material Settings tab, click Add. The Add Material window opens.
The Add Material page.
2. Select a material from the Material drop-down list. This list displays the materials that are available in the site to which the work center belongs but are that not yet assigned to this work center. You can narrow down the list of materials by entering text in the Start typing field of the drop-down list. Wildcard search is not supported.
3. Specify the Production Block Duration for the selected material or select the checkbox to use the production block duration for the work center. You can set the duration to a maximum of 23 hours and 59 minutes, and a minimum of 2 minutes.
4. Specify the Ideal Cycle Time in seconds/material.
5. Click Save.
You can click Cancel to discard your selections and return to the Material Settings tab.
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