Welcome to the Digital Performance Management 1.2 Help Center
Welcome to the Digital Performance Management 1.2 Help Center
This Help Center contains the latest information about the Digital Performance Management solution. You will find detailed information about a variety of topics by exploring the contents of this Help Center. Browse the table of contents, use the search field to find key terms, or use the quick links below.
What Would You Like To Do?
Link to the Getting Started with DPM help.Link to the Production Dashboard help.Link to the Performance Analysis help.Link to the Action Tracker help.Link to the Scorecard help.
Link to the DPM Administration help.Link to the Changing a Pacemaker help.Link to the Customizing DPM help.Link to the Time Loss Analytics administration help.Link to the Upgrading DPM help.
Additional Resources
For information on the ThingWorx Platform and ThingWorx Composer, see the ThingWorx Platform Help Center.
For a collaborative approach to development and troubleshooting, post questions or solutions in the Community forum.
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For assistance with technical issues, visit https://www.ptc.com/en/support/.
Last Updated: February 2023
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