Performance Analysis
Performance Analysis
The Performance Analysis tool helps you to identify your top production bottlenecks and the top reasons for loss in your production. This can help to improve your understanding of the relative impacts that different loss categories have on your production. As you investigate losses, you can drill down to find the top reasons for those losses and pinpoint the root causes. These root causes can then be addressed by improvement initiatives opened in Action Tracker.
Instead of comparing performance data from inconsistent measurement and reporting systems, Performance Analysis displays all losses using time as a common metric. This is accomplished by using the ideal cycle time for materials to convert counts, such as scrap counts, into time measurements. Performance Analysis provides for more intuitive impact assessment and comparison of losses, accelerating the identification and prioritization of your top bottlenecks and losses.
You can access this tool by selecting Performance Analysis from the navigation menu on the left, and choosing which chart to start from:
Bottleneck—Opens the bottleneck analysis chart, where you can view the top bottlenecks for sites and areas.
Waterfall—Opens the time loss waterfall chart, from which you can view the impacts from different loss categories, and drill down into the reasons for those losses.
Dates and times in Performance Analysis are presented in the current user’s local time zone.
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