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Getting Started
You start Creo Simulate in one of the following modes:
Integrated Mode—Click Application > Simulate in Creo Parametric. The Creo Simulate command is available for most models you develop in Creo Parametric, but is inactive if Creo Simulatedoes not support the model type or some of the model features.
If you do not have a Creo Simulate license then the software starts in the Creo Simulate Lite mode
Standalone Mode—If you have only a Creo Simulate license you can start standalone mode from your program start menu.
When Creo Simulate starts you can work in one of the following products:
Structure—Click Home > Structure Mode to evaluate the structural behavior of a part or assembly.
Thermal—Click Home > Thermal Mode to evaluate the thermal behavior of a part or assembly.
Click Home > Model Setup to select the mode that you want to work with and as a starting point for your simulation modeling session.
Review these topics to learn about the fundamentals of the product line and software usage:
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