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Planning and Modeling Considerations
The basis of good part or assembly design is planning. When planning any Creo Parametric part or assembly, you consider a variety of issues including dimensioning schemes, feature relationships, tolerances, and assembly connection methods. You also take a careful look at the context in which a part will be used. As a simple example, if you are building an assembly, you need to make sure each part in the design fits its connecting parts.
Similarly, if you work with Creo Simulate, you need to plan ahead for all aspects of simulation model development. You consider such issues as whether the methods you use to build your part will result in a model that can be easily optimized, whether you have created auxiliary features that will support modeling situations such as localized loads, and so forth. You also need to think about the effect that optimization and shape change will have on any related parts. For example, you need to determine whether a new optimized part shape will still fit into a parent assembly.
In developing Creo Parametric parts and assemblies that you plan to evaluate in Creo Simulate, you may want to experiment with various techniques that can make your simulation model easier to use and improve solution times. You may also want to add certain modeling entities to serve as a basis for other simulation modeling entities such as loads and constraints. Here are some considerations and techniques you can review:
part and assembly development techniques
simulation modeling techniques and prerequisites
factors to consider when planning for optimization
Each of these discussions assumes that you are already familiar with Creo Parametric part and assembly building techniques. Therefore, the focus lies with explaining general methodology rather than with providing detailed instructions on how to create Creo Parametric parts and assemblies.
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