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Getting Help for Simulate
Creo Simulate provides several types of online documents to meet various needs that might arise in your use of the software. For the most part, you will use the topics found in the online help. Those topics answer questions and provide instructions related to specific menus, commands, procedures, and processes that tie directly to tasks you are performing in the software. You can access the Online Help from the File > Help > Simulate Help or by clicking to open the Online Help Center.
In addition to the online help, there are supplemental online documents that you can use to gain a more in-depth understanding of various aspects of the software.
All the documents are written for mechanical engineers and assume a working knowledge of mechanical engineering theory, terminology, and practice. However, you do not need specialized knowledge of design analysis to use either Creo Simulate software or this documentation.
There are several tools that help you navigate through the help system easily. You can use the contents, and search functions to help you find specific information, and the hyperlinks inside each help topic to jump to related information. Most online help topics have a "Return to" link at the bottom that links to the topic's parent page or to a previous page. You can also use the browser's Back button to return to a previous topic.