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Creo Simulate Thermal
Creo Simulate Thermal provides design engineers with expert tools to simulate the behavior of parts and assemblies subject to thermal loading. Thermal relies on unique adaptive solution technology that provides fast, accurate solutions automatically, helping you improve product quality and decrease design costs. In addition to its native solver, Thermal's integrated mode offers specialized analyses that automatically create fully associative FEA meshes for third-party finite element solvers.
Thermal enables you to:
set up a real-world environment by applying heat loads, prescribed temperatures, and convection and radiation conditions to model geometry
specify convergence settings based on local temperature, energy norm, global error norm, or measures you define. Then, review graphs to visually inspect the convergence behavior.
study your design's thermal behavior at a single point in time or as that behavior changes in time.
use the functionality of Creo Simulate's adaptive solver or use FEM to solve finite element models with ANSYS
select one or more sensitivity parameters to vary over a range and then graphically review results as a function of that changing parameter
optimize designs to best meet such design goals as minimizing the maximum temperature or any other aspect of the design. For example, you can ask Thermal to minimize the mass of an assembly while keeping the maximum model temperature within limits.
store and view results as fringes, contours, and query plots of temperature, temperature gradient, and heat flux over selected model entities
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