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About Creo Simulate Lite
Creo Simulate Lite is the limited functionality, trial version of Creo Simulate. You can use Lite mode for part or assembly models with upto 200 surfaces. You can access Creo Simulate Lite with a Creo Parametric license.
Click Applications > Simulate. to start in Lite mode.
To run in Lite mode, even if you have a Creo Simulate license, select the Simulate Lite check box on the Model Setup dialog box.
Lite mode is only available in the integrated, native, structure mode. You can create a simulation model, run a static analysis on it and evaluate the results.
If you open a model created in standard Creo Simulate in Lite mode, Creo Simulate entities are deleted in the model. If you have a standard or advanced Creo Simulate license, you can convert a model created in Creo Simulate Lite to a standard Creo Simulate model.
The user interface to Creo Simulate Lite is provided through the Process Guide, a tool that guides you in:
Creation of modeling entities
Application of constraints
Application of loads
Running analyses
Reviewing results of analyses
You can perform the following tasks:
Assign Materials—Assign a material to the model. The Material Assignment dialog box opens. Material orientation is not available in Creo Simulate Lite.
Apply Constraints
—Apply structural constraints to entities in your model to fix portions of your model geometry so that they cannot move, or move only in a predetermined way. In Creo Simulate Lite you can apply the following constraints to model entities:
Displacement Constraint—Controls the translation of an entity in your model.
Planar Constraint—Controls off planar movement of a surface in your model.
Pin Constraint—Controls the translation and rotation of a cylindrical surface.
Ball Constraint—Controls the rotation of a spherical surface.
Apply Loads—Apply structure loads to entities in your model to simulate the real world environment that your model can encounter. You can apply the following structure loads to your model:
Force Load—Applies force loads to selected surfaces, edges or points on your model.
* You cannot define moment loads in Creo Simulate Lite mode.
Pressure Load—Applies a pressure load to a selected entity in your model.
Gravity Load—Creates an acceleration load on your model.
Run Analysis—Run a static analysis for a single constraint set and a single load set in Creo Simulate Lite. A static analysis calculates deformations, stresses, and strains on your model in response to the loads and constraints you specify.
Review Results—View the following Result windows:
An animated fringe plot of Von Mises stress for the model.
A fringe plot of displacement magnitude for the model.
A vector plot of the maximum principal stress for the model.
* When you are working in Creo Simulate Lite, you can only view the results of analyses run in Lite mode.