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Creo Simulate Structure
Creo Simulate Structure allows design engineers to evaluate, understand, and optimize the static and dynamic structural performance of their designs in a real-world environment. Structure's unique adaptive solution technology provides fast, accurate solutions automatically—solutions that help to improve product quality and decrease design costs. In addition to its native solver, Structure's FEM mode offers specialized analyses that automatically create fully associative FEA meshes for third-party finite element solvers such as NASTRAN and ANSYS.
Structure enables you to:
set up a real-world environment for your design by applying properties, loads, and constraints to model geometry
control how Creo Simulate meshes your model to ensure the most efficient solution
define the level of solution accuracy up front by specifying convergence settings before running a simulation, and watch as Creo Simulate automatically checks for errors, converges to an accurate solution, and generates convergence information for verification
use the functionality of Creo Simulate's adaptive solver or use FEM mode to solve finite element models with NASTRAN or ANSYS
select one or more sensitivity parameters to vary over a range and then review graphs of desired outputs as a function of that changing parameter
optimize designs to best meet design goals such as minimizing the cost of the design or its total stress. For example, you can ask Structure to minimize the mass of an assembly while keeping stress, first modal frequency, and maximum displacement within limits.
store and view displacement, stress, and strain over selected model entities as fringes, contours, vectors, and query plots.
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