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About Configuration File Options
Creo Simulate stores several internal settings in configuration files associated with your session. You use the file to store configuration options. Configuration options are an important tool that can help you make your sessions more efficient by ensuring that meshing and solver settings are consistent, your display is the same from session to session, and so forth.
See the following topics for more information about these files and the options you can set in them:
Configuration Option Overview
Configuration Options
Configuration Option Overview
The settings in configuration option control various aspects of your session. This discussion covers all configuration options supported for integrated and standalone mode. Here are some guidelines to consider when creating or modifying a configuration option file:
In general, configuration file options and values are not case sensitive.
The actual file names on disk must use lowercase characters only.
Directory names can contain a mix of uppercase and lowercase characters. However, if Creo Simulate encounters two or more directories in the same path that have the same parent and the same name except for a different mix of uppercase and lowercase characters, it accesses only the directory with the earliest uppercase characters (since their ASCII values are lower.) This is true if you enter the full path with correct case sensitivity. For example, if it encounters directories named aBc, ABc, and Abc, it only looks in or through directory ABc.
A configuration option line should not exceed 80 characters. You cannot continue a search path or mapkey on a second line.
In Windows, you should specify the drive at the beginning of the path, so as to avoid problems if you change your working directory to another drive.
To set and modify these options you can use the Configuration Editor tool on the Creo Simulate Options dialog box. Click File > Options to open the Creo Simulate Options dialog box. Click Configuration Editor to view and manage the configuration options. You can also manually edit your file using a text editor.
Configuration Options
Here are the configuration option categories available:
Unit Settings Option
Display Options
General Modeling Options
FEM Mode Modeling, Meshing, and Output Options
Fatigue Options
Run Options
Result Display Options
Miscellaneous Options
Options in each category begin with the keyword or attribute name in boldface type, followed by a brief paragraph describing the option and a list of valid value types. The options in each category appear in alphabetical order. The * character denotes the default value of a configuration option.