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Publishing to Servigistics InService A&D
You can publish any S1000D publication structure to Servigistics InService A&D.
Publishing of Servigistics InService A&D output is not supported for S1000D 4.2 products.
1. You must properly configure the Servigistics InService A&D product attributes before you can publish. For more information, see the InService A&D section of the New Product Dialog Box.
You can change the Servigistics InService A&D attributes for an existing product in the Edit Product Dialog Box.
2. You can maintain uniquely identified publications when publishing to Servigistics InService A&D. To define and set publication identifiers:
Define a list of publication identifiers for the product.
For more information, see the InService A&D section of the New Product Dialog Box.
Select a default publication identifier from the list when creating a publication structure (optional).
A publication identifier is used to define the default directory in the product’s DMS Output Path location that will receive Servigistics InService A&D output from the publication structure.
For more information, see Create New Publication Structure Dialog Box.
Select a publication-specific publication identifier when generating a publication from the publication structure. This can differ from the default value set for the publication, and each publication can have a different identifier.
For more information, see Publish Representation.
3. You can export the information structure SNS to Servigistics InService A&D. This forms the structure of the Servigistics InService A&D table of contents.
For more information, see Publish SNS to Servigistics InService A&D.
4. You can generate an Information Type TOC file for Servigistics InService A&D. This file lists the data modules in the information structure, grouped under headers based on their Information Code.
For more information, see Generate InService A&D Information Type TOC File.
5. When the Servigistics InService A&D publication with the appropriate table of contents structure has been created, you can publish the publication structure’s content.
For more information, see Publishing Content to Servigistics InService A&D.
6. If you have Information Control Number (ICN) illustrations based on Creo Illustrate (.c3di) or Arbortext IsoDraw (.iso) graphics in your publication, you can specify that secondary content (.pvz or .cgm) of the illustrations is output in the Servigistics InService A&D bundle.
Fore more information, see Include Secondary Content Attachment with an Illustration.
There are some requirements to publishing secondary content:
There must be an Arbortext Editor fallback mechanism in place for the .c3di or .iso graphic types
Fore more information, see Set up Fallback Mechanism for Secondary Content of an Illustration.
Your product must include publishing rules that handle publishing of secondary content — default rules are provided
If the illustration is based on a c3di (primary content) and .pvz (secondary content) illustration, you can choose whether to include the first figure in the .pvz file only, or to include all figures in the .pvz.
The value of the Insert Multiple Figures preference specifies which figures to include.
7. You have the option to publish a Servigistics InService A&D bundle without uploading (publishing) it to Servigistics InService.
Use the option Do not publish in the Publish Representation dialog box when creating the bundle when this is the desired behavior..
Requirements for Servigistics InService A&D Publishing
Servigistics InService A&D publishing is handled by Arbortext Publishing Engine. These prerequisites apply:
Publishing relies on the setup and configuration of a Windchill Service Information Manager Worker (SIS Worker). The SIS Worker must be configured to use a compatible version of Arbortext Publishing Engine.
For more information, see Service Worker and Publishing.
For software compatibility information for the Windchill Service Information Manager — S1000D Module, see the Resources > Platform Support page of
The Arbortext Publishing Engine installation must have the S1000D Module Application Files installed as an application.
For more information, see Client Installation.
Logs Provided for Servigistics InService A&D Publishing
When publishing an S1000D publication to Servigistics InService A&D, the WVS Job Monitor log will include messages to confirm the final status of the action:
Confirmation that the publishing action is complete and the publication has been loaded to Servigistics InService A&D
Advice if the publishing action has failed
This information can be processed by Servigistics InService A&D 5.5 onwards.
For more information about Servigistics InService A&D, see the Servigistics InService product documentation.