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Publish Representation
The Publish Representation window allows you to invoke the publishing of a representation of an S1000D structure to Servigistics InService A&D or PDF output.
The Publish Representation window is displayed by opening a structure and choosing either Publish > Representation from the toolbar or Publish Representation from the context menu.
Enter a name for the representation. You can enter up to 60 characters. If you do not enter a name, the name default is used.
Enter a description for the representation. You can enter up to 4000 characters.
Publishing rule
Select a publishing rule from the drop-down list to use when publishing the representation.
Default publishing rules support publishing to Servigistics InService A&D and PDF.
If you are publishing to PDF, default publishing rules for the product define A4 and US Letter page sizes.
Compare against baseline
Select a baseline generated during the publishing of a previous issue of the publication (Final).
Data modules that are New or Changed since the previous issue will be identified.
InService A&D Publication Identifier
Set the publication identifier for a publish to Servigistics InService A&D action. You can leave the default value set for the publication structure (if applicable) or select a new one from the drop down list.
If you want to publish content but not upload it to Servigistics InService, select Do not publish.
A publication identifier defines the directory in the product’s DMS Output Path location that will receive Servigistics InService A&D output. If this value is not set, publishing can complete but upload to Servigistics InService A&D is not possible.
Each publication from the current publication structure can have a different identifier, to ensure separate output directories.
The list presents the publication identifiers defined for the product.
Servigistics InService A&D publishing only.
Incremental publish
Check this option if you want to perform an incremental publish (Final).
Only New and Changed data modules will be output.
Servigistics InService A&D publishing only.
Set as default
Check this check box if you want this to be the default representation for the structure.
Check this check box if you want to be notified when publishing is finished. Notification must be configured on your system.
Submit Publish Job
Click to close the window and publish the representation.
Click to close the window without publishing a representation.
For more information see, Publishing.