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Service Worker and Publishing
A Windchill Service Information Manager Worker (also called the SIS Worker) must be configured to handle WVS publishing jobs from information structures, publication structures, and parts lists.
The SIS Worker installed with Windchill needs to be configured. This worker handles the publishing requests and responses for publication structures and parts lists between Windchill Service Information Manager and Arbortext Publishing Engine.
Prior to configuring the SIS Worker, you must have:
installed and configured Arbortext Publishing Engine software and licensing. This product is purchased and installed separately from Windchill.
the URL for Arbortext Publishing Engine that goes in the file.
set up WVS for Windchill PDMLink.
The process to complete the WVS configuration:
1. Configure the SIS Worker.
2. Configure the Worker Agent using the Configuration Wizard.
3. Verify that the Worker Agent, SIS Worker, and Arbortext Publishing Engine are all communicating properly.
Directory name conventions:
<Windchill-path>Windchill installation directory.
SISWorker-path— directory that stores the worker configuration files (SISWorkerstart.bat and
On UNIX systems, use the SIS Worker script instead.
If your site requires running multiple SIS Workers with multiple Arbortext Publishing Engine systems, also refer to Configuring Multiple SIS Workers.
Configuring the SIS Worker
A properties file specifies the SIS Worker settings and a batch file executes the SIS Worker. These configuration files are put in a new directory that you create, to avoid overwriting the installed worker files.
1. Create a SISWorker-path directory on the Windchill server, for example: C:\PTC\SISWorker.
2. In <Windchill-path>\codebase\com\ptc\arbortext\windchill\worker, find SISWorkerstart.bat and
3. Copy these files to the SISWorker-path directory you created. Do not move or edit the files.
4. Using a text editor, open SISWorker-path\SISWorkerstart.bat. The batch file contains these settings:
set DEBUG="-D"
set PORT="5600"
set HOST=server-host-name //do not use localhost
set TYPE="SIS"
set CMDCLASS="com.ptc.arbortext.windchill.worker.SISWorker"
5. Determine your settings:
Set WORKER_DIR to the location where you copied SISWorkerstart.bat and
DEBUG="-D" is reserved for debugging and must not be changed.
Set PORT="5600" to the port value where the worker agent listens. This value must match the port value in the [agent] section of the agent.ini file, also set to 5600 by default.
Set HOST= to the host name of the Windchill server where the worker agent is running. You must specify the server name; do not use localhost.
TYPE="SIS" is the default. Do not change it.
CMDCLASS="com.ptc.arbortext.windchill.worker.SISWorker" is the default. Do not change it.
6. Save your changes and close SISWorkerstart.bat.
7. In the Windchill home directory, open the site.xconf file in a text editor. Add the following property to the site.xconf file:
<Property name="worker.exe.whitelist.prefixes"
Configuring WVS to Locate Arbortext Publishing Engine
The properties file for the Arbortext Publishing Engine server needs to be configured to enable WVS to find it.
1. Open The properties file contains the setting sim.server:
2. Enter the server host name and port number that Arbortext Publishing Engine is configured to receive HTTP requests.
Set the URL for your Arbortext Publishing Engine server following this convention:
For example:
3. Save your changes and close
Configuring the Worker Agent
To configure the SIS Worker for the Worker Agent, use the Worker Configuration Wizard for the site. Refer to the Worker Agent section for information, and then follow these guidelines:
1. From Utilities, choose Worker Agent Administration, and then click the Configure link.
2. On the Worker Configuration Wizard, click Add Worker.
3. Enter the name of the Windchill server as the Host.
Choose SIS as the Data Type.
Click Next.
4. Be sure Worker Location is set to Windchill Server.
Click Next.
5. On the Worker Execution Command screen, specify the path to SISWorker-path\SISWorkerstart.bat for Execute command.
The number of Max Instances must match the maxSubprocesses value configured for the Arbortext Publishing Engine sub-process pool designated to WVS. Refer to the Configuring Arbortext Publishing Engine guide for information about pools and maxSubprocesses.
Check AutoStart. Click Next.
6. On the Worker Summary Information screen, confirm your settings were specified correctly. If so, click Apply to return to the first Worker Configuration screen.
7. Click Save File and then Reload Worker Agent.