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Managing Applicability
Assigning Applicability to Parts Lists
You can assign two types of service applicability information to a parts list
Options — a set of options and choices defined for a product identifies the features that can vary within the product family
Service Effectivity — information such as date and serial number ranges identify product configurations that remain serviceable
Applicability for a parts list is assigned in two ways:
Applicability settings for a BOM part are copied forward to a parts list it generates during a Generate Parts List action
For more information, see Generating Parts Lists from SBOM Parts
Option/choice selections can be configured for a parts list object with the Manage Applicability option
For more information, see Manage Applicability.
The items in the parts list will be affected when a filter based on applicability is applied to the parts list.
Assigning Applicability to Parts List Items
You can assign both types of service applicability information to the items in a parts list, when they are set up as configurable modules.
The applicability can be configured for an item with the Manage Applicability window, accessed from the Actions and shortcut menus in a parts list item’s information page.
You can also configure applicability settings for the usage of illustrations in a parts list.
In the Manage Applicability window, you can select multiple parts list items or illustrations and assign service effectivity settings to all of them in a single action.
It is not possible to assign applicability based on options and choices to multiple items.
Be aware of these notes when assigning applicability to parts list items and illustrations:
You can set applicability for both a part and its usage in the parts list context. With an illustration, you can only set applicability for its usage in the parts list context.
You are not permitted to select a combination of parts list items and illustrations when setting service effectivity. You can only make a multiple selection of the same type of object.
Once the applicability is set for items in a parts list, you can filter that parts list based on those settings. For more information, see Filtering on Options and Filtering on Service Effectivity.
Viewing Applicability for Parts Lists and Parts List Items
You can view the applicability set for a parts list and its items (parts and illustrations). Navigate to the Structure tab of a parts list’s information page, and select the Applicability tab.
For more information, see The Applicability Tab.
Viewing Applicability for BOM Parts
You can view the applicability set for the parts in a BOM that is associated to a parts list. The applicability set for a BOM part applies to all uses of that part.
For more information, see Applicability for BOM Parts.
Option choices are used in expressions that can be assigned to usage links of interchangeable child parts. The option choices are then used to define which parts are included in a product configuration to meet specific product requirements. Refer to Creating and Managing Enterprise-wide Definitions for more information about options and choices.
Option sets are used when you need to create an overloaded parts list that contains parts for all available options. For example, a particular product can be available in three different colors, with unique parts representing each color. An overloaded parts list contains all three parts representing all possible options of the product.
Using option sets with Windchill Service Parts parts lists is very similar to using option sets elsewhere with Windchill. This section includes information specific to using option sets with Windchill Service Parts parts lists. For detailed information on using option sets with Windchill, refer to Using Option Sets to Organize Product Families and its related topics.
To use option sets with your parts list, you must:
Create an option set.
Assign option choices to your parts.
Service Effectivity
Effectivity for service information provides the means by which either multiple subassemblies or multiple versions of a part, or illustrations, can be published to support a range of product configurations that remain in use.
Refer to Managing Service Effectivity for information on how to set effectivity for a part list item or illustration.
Refer to Manage Applicability for information on the default types of service effectivity information that can be configured for a part list item or illustration.
It is possible to add custom attributes that define service effectivity. Refer to Customizing Service Effectivity for information.