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About Windchill Service Parts
Windchill Service Parts is an optional module that works with Windchill Service Information Manager. You can use Windchill Service Parts to create as-supported views of products that present single-source views of the product’s service information. With Windchill Service Parts, you can manage all the parts information related to the product (such as spare part and serviceable part information).
Windchill Service Parts transforms engineering and manufacturing data into spare part information that can be used by service people in the field. That is, Windchill Service Parts transforms eBOMs and mBOMs into service BOMs (sBOMs) and parts lists, restructuring the engineering or manufacturing components into serviceable parts lists. An sBOM typically defines the parts available for servicing. The breakdown is usually a subset of the engineering breakdown, with parts being single units that can be replaced in a product.
Windchill Service Parts leverages the information stored in Windchill to create 2D and 3D representations of parts lists. These images are derived from the engineering data, so the parts list author does not need to create new serviceable bill of material images. Because the information in the images is derived from the engineering data in an associative fashion, Windchill Service Parts can automatically link lists of parts to their callouts in the representations.
As changes occur in the upstream eBOM or mBOM, those changes are automatically reflected in the sBOM.
Once created, the parts list and its associated illustrations can be published as an illustrated parts catalog, and delivered as a PDF representation, or interactive system. Following is a typical workflow for creating an illustrated parts catalog.
1. Create a publication structure to define the general organization of the illustrated parts catalog. Refer to About Publication Structures for an overview of publication structures and links to additional information on working with publication structures.
2. Use the Service Product Structure Explorer to create associations between a service BOM and upstream source BOMs. For more information, see Service BOM and Source BOM Relationship Overview.
3. Using Windchill Service Parts, transform the service BOM information into a parts list, ordering the components in a meaningful fashion, adding new parts, and specifying applicability rules. For more information, see Creating and Editing Parts Lists.
4. Create the parts list illustrations. For more information, see Parts List Illustrations.
5. Add the final parts list to the publication structure. For more information, see New Parts List Information Element.
6. Publish the illustrated parts catalog. For more information, see Publishing from a Service Structure.