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Creating an Option Set
You can create an option set for a product from the Option Sets table.
To create an option set:
1. Click Details under a product information page.
2. Add a tab and select Customize > General > Option Sets. The Option Sets table shows the option sets available for the selected product or library.
3. Click .
4. The New Option Set window appears. Specify the following characteristics of the option set:
Name – Type the option set name.
Description – (Optional) Type the description for the option set.
Allow Assignment of Exclude Choices – Allow choice assignment and selection of parts and part usages during filtering that results in the part being excluded rather than included in the parts list. This example illustrates how an exclude choice assignment is different from an  include choice assignment. If the part has a choice assigned Country=USA, then when USA is selected, the part is included. If the part is assigned Country≠USA, then when USA is selected, the part is not included. The following use case illustrates when an exclude choice assignment can be useful.
For example, a product is sold in USA, Canada, and Mexico. Suppose a module of this product is a water pump, and one variant of the water pump (WP1) cannot be used in the USA. The design team can assign this variant part WP1 with the choice Country=Canada or Mexico. However, if later it is decided that the product can be sold in Brazil, this water pump variant part WP1 must be updated to include Country=Brazil. Alternatively, this variant part could have originally had the choice assignment of Country≠USA. With this assignment, the addition of other countries at a later time requires no maintenance of this water pump variant part WP1. Filtering the product structure using Country=USA excludes WP1. Filtering the product structure using Country=Canada selects WP1 for inclusion. 
Allow Assignment of Expressions to Non-Configurable Items – Allow filtering based on choices assigned to children parts of configurable modules. The choices assigned to parts are evaluated by the Option Filter in conjunction with the choices assigned to part’s usage.
Allow Date Effectivity for Choices – Allows effectivity dates to be set for a choice, and then taken into account during the choice assignment and filtering.
Reference Option Pool Rules Automatically – Determines whether global rules are inherited by the option set. If set to Yes, global rules are inherited and cannot be individually selected when choices are added to the option set. If set to No, you can selectively determine which rules can be inherited by the option set.
5. Click OK.
6. After you created the option set, you can start adding choices to the option set. Refer to Managing Choices in the Option Set.