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Managing Service Effectivity
You can manage service effectivity for the components in a structure, by creating service effectivity objects and associating them to an item. Service effectivity objects can also be created, edited, or deleted for multiple items in an information structure or publication structure. For more information on managing service effectivity for multiple items in a structure, see Adding Service Effectivity to Multiple Items, Editing Service Effectivity of Multiple Items, and Deleting Service Effectivity of Multiple Items.
Service effectivity objects can be created as softtypes to allow the addition of custom attributes. As a default they can apply the following criteria:
Serial Number
Serial Number and Date
Refer to Customizing Service Effectivity for information on registering custom attributes for service effectivity objects.
You can filter a structure based on the service effectivity values of its components. Refer to Filtering on Service Effectivity for further information.
Use the Manage Applicability menu option to create, edit, and delete service effectivity objects and associate them to an object in a structure:
1. Right click the item in the structure browser of its information page and select the Manage Applicability menu option.
This option is available when the selection is a single object that either is a configurable part, or is a child of one.
2. The Manage Applicability window opens, displaying two panes:
Expressions — displays Assigned Item Expressions (options for global use of item) and Assigned Usage Expressions (options for item in this context)
Service Effectivity — displays a list of service effectivity objects associated with the item or its usage
3. To configure options for the item, click the Edit icon next to the Assigned Item Expressions or Assigned Usage Expressions table in the Expressions field. This launches an options selection window, in which you can assign choices to the required object.
Refer to Options and Choices for information on options and choices.
Refer to Creating Options for steps to assign options to a context.
4. To manage the service effectivity objects for the item, click one of the buttons in the Service Effectivity field:
Add and Edit — launches the Service Effectivity window, in which you can create a new service effectivity object, or edit an existing one
Remove — deletes an existing definition
Select or enter the required information in the fields in the window.
The service effectivity you have defined is summarized in the Summary field.
Click OK to add a new service effectivity object, or save changes to an existing one, and exit the window.
Click Apply to add a new object and remain in the Service Effectivity window.
Refer to Manage Applicability for information on the service effectivity values available in a default installation.
5. The service effectivity definition is listed in the Service Effectivity field of the Manage Applicability window.
6. Click Close to exit the Manage Applicability window.