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Filtering on Options
Use the following procedure to create a filter for a structure based on the option choices made for its components. Refer to Assigning Choices to Part Usages and Defining Options with Advanced Expressions for help on assigning option choices to components.
You can filter a publication structure, an information structure or a parts list in this way. Refer to About Service Structures for more information on service structures.
1. Open the structure to be filtered in the Structure tab of its information page.
2. Invoke the Edit Filter window by clicking the Edit Filter toolbar icon .
The Edit Filter window opens.
3. Navigate to the Option Filter tab. The option set defined for the product is listed at the top of the window.
4. The Design Option tab lists the options and choices included in the option set. Select the choices on which to filter the structure from the list.
The Design Option tab is the only tab available in an out-of-the-box installation. The Sales Option tab appears only if the sales choice type is designated as instantiable in the Type and Attribute Management Utility.
5. Select the values on which you want to filter the structure. The choices that you have selected are listed in the Summary section on the right hand side of the window.
For more information, see Specifying the Filtering Criteria for the Option Filter.
If you are only seeing a choice to make a single selection for an option, check the value of the Single Choice Selection setting for the option in the option set. It must be set to No to allow selection of multiple values in the Edit Filter window.
Refer to Options and Choices for information about single choice selection options.
6. Click OK to save the changes and exit the Edit Filter window.
Once you have configured an option filter for the structure, it persists for the current session. You can save it for later reuse with the Saved Filters > Save menu option.
Please be aware of this information when configuring an option filter for your structure:
An object remains in the filtered structure if its option settings match the option filter settings made for the structure.
If an object has options settings configured for both the global use of the object (Assigned Item Expressions) and the specific object usage (Assigned Usage Expressions), all settings must match the structure’s option filter settings for the object to remain in the filtered structure.
For example, a part has these options settings:
Assigned Item Expressions: [choice 1]
Assigned Usage Expressions: [choice 1 && choice 2]
If the structure is filtered on choice 1, the object is filtered out as one of its settings does not match the filter configuration.
If the structure is filtered on choice 1 and choice 2, the object is included in the structure as both its settings match the filter configuration.
If the content of a parts list is filtered with option filters, only those parts and illustrations that meet the filter criteria are included when the parts list is viewed, exported, or published. This also applies to service effectivity filters applied to the content.