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Applicability for BOM Parts
You can view the applicability set for the parts in a BOM that is associated to a parts list. The applicability set for a BOM part applies to all uses of that part.
To access a read only view of the applicability for a BOM part:
1. With a parts list open in Windchill Service Parts, navigate to the BOM tab of its Structure page.
For more information, see Associating a BOM to a Parts List.
2. Select a part in the BOM structure and choose View Applicability from either the BOM toolbar or the context menu.
3. The Manage Applicability window opens, displaying a read only summary of the applicability assigned to the part.
Applicability based on both Options and Choices (ATO) and Service Effectivity is displayed.
4. Click Close to exit the Manage Applicability window.
Note the following when working with a BOM:
The list of items displayed in the BOM tab is subject to any applicability (Options and Service Effectivity) filters that are currently active for the associated parts list.
Items that do not match the Current Filter setting or saved filters are not displayed.