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Creating a Link
There are several locations where you can create links:
Network table
To access this table, open the Navigator and select Network under Products, Libraries, Projects , or Programs.
Folder Contents table
To access this table, open the Navigator and select Folders under any context type (such as Projects > Folders or Organizations > Folders).
Notebook table
To access this table, navigate to the information page of an object and create a new tab. Then select Customize > General > Notebook.
When an object is deleted, the links you created in the Notebook table are deleted as well. For more information on working with links in your notebook, see About the Notebook.
My Notebook table
To access this table, navigate to your Home page and select Customize > Notebook.
Select Quick Links > My Notebook.
For information on creating a link to a file you have uploaded into your notebook, see Uploading a File into the Notebook.
To create a link to a Windchill object or to a website, use the following procedure:
1. There are several ways to access the New Link window, including the following:
If you are creating a link in the Folder Contents table, select Actions > New > New Link.
If you are creating a link in the Network, Notebook, or My Notebook table, select Actions > New Link.
Click the new link icon on the table toolbar.
For additional ways to create an object link in the My Notebook table, see Linking to Objects from the Notebook and Add to Hot Links.
From the right-click actions menu of a folder, select New Link. The link is then located within that folder rather than at the top level.
The New Link window opens.
2. In the Link Name field, enter a name for the link. The link name appears as clickable text in the table. Enter up to 200 characters.
3. To link to a website, enter the appropriate web address in the URL field.
To link to an object within Windchill, click the find icon next to the URL field. The URL window opens.
Use the search fields provided to locate the particular object to which you want to link. After you select the object, the URL field is automatically populated with the appropriate path.
4. In the Description field, enter a description of the object or site that the link accesses. Enter up to 200 characters.
5. In the Location field, select an existing folder from the drop-down menu. Leave this field empty to create the link at the top level.
6. Click OK. The link is created, and the New Link window closes.
Click Apply. The link is created, but the window remains open so that you can create more.
Once created, you can later edit or delete the link.