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The notebook is a way to organize your information. You can use the Notebook and My Notebook tables to upload files into Windchill, create links, and organize your information into folders and subfolders.
Using the notebook, you can create the following types of links:
Objects within Windchill
Files uploaded from your local machine
For more information on links, see About Links.
To access the notebook, use one of the following procedures:
Navigate to the information page of an object or context and select Customize > General > Notebook.
If the Customize menu is not visible, you must create a new tab. For more information, see Customizing Information Page Tabs.
Navigate to your Home page and select Customize > Notebook.
Select Quick Links > My Notebook.
The information and actions available in the notebook vary depending on its location. For more information, see Notebook Table and My Notebook Table.
Hot Links
The My Notebook table contains a default folder titled My Hot Links. You can add links or files to this folder using the same procedure you would use for any other folder within your notebook.
However, the Home > Updates table, Home > Checked-Out Work table, and Folder Contents table each have additional shortcuts available to automatically add object links to the My Hot Links folder. For more information, see Add to Hot Links.
Default folders and links might change depending on settings placed by your administrator.