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Uploading a File into the Notebook
You can upload files from your local machine into the notebook. Once uploaded, the file appears as a link in the notebook. If you want to upload a document into Windchill with a greater range of functionality, see Documents in Windchill.
To create a link to an uploaded file in the Notebook or My Notebook table, use the following procedure:
1. Click the upload file icon on the table toolbar.
From the table Actions menu, select Upload File. If you want to upload a file into an existing folder, first select the checkbox next to that folder.
From the right-click actions menu of an existing folder, select Upload File.
The Upload File window opens.
2. In the File field, enter the path to the file to which you want to link, or click Browse to search for the file on your local machine.
3. After locating the file, the name of the document is automatically entered in the Link Name field; however, you can enter a different name, if you prefer. Enter up to 200 characters.
4. In the Description field, enter a brief description of the file. Enter up to 200 characters.
5. In the Location field, select an existing folder from the drop-down list. Leave the field empty to create the link at the top level.
6. Click OK. The Upload File window closes and there is a link to the uploaded file in your notebook.
Click Apply. The link to the file is created, but the window remains open so that you can upload additional files.
You can view the file content by clicking the filename in the table or on the link information page. Depending on your preference settings, you are prompted to either view or save the file. To modify the file content, you must edit the link attributes by reuploading a modified file.