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Editing an Object
The Edit action is available for objects that you checked out. If the object is checked in, the Check Out and Edit action is available in the Actions menu.
Editing allows you to edit certain attributes for the object.
Some attributes cannot be changed using the Edit action:
To modify the Name attribute, use the Rename action.
To modify the Location attribute, use the Move action.
To modify the document version, use the Revise action.
To modify the File Name field, you must upload a new primary content file that has a different name.
For more information, see Editing a Document and Editing a Part.
1. Select Edit or Check Out and Edit from the Actions menu available in one of the following locations:
Information page of an object
Toolbar on tables throughout Windchill
Right-click menu available in table rows throughout Windchill
The Edit window opens.
2. Modify the attributes that you want to edit for the object.
3. Click Check In to save your changes and check in the object.
Click Save to complete your changes and keep the object checked out.
The Save button is controlled by the following preference: Create and Edit > Save Button Display on Edit Window. For more information, see Preference Management.