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What's New in ThingWorx Platform 9.1.0
The following enhancements, known issues and limitations, and end-of-support information are part of ThingWorx 9.1.0.
For a list of fixed issues, refer to Fixed Issues in ThingWorx Platform 9.1.0.
See this technical support article for important recommendations regarding the use and update of third-party software for ThingWorx.
ThingWorx High Availability Clustering
Due to changes to data classes used by Apache Ignite, upgrading your ThingWorx high availability cluster to 9.1.0 requires a full cluster restart. You cannot perform a rolling upgrade. For more information, see Upgrading ThingWorx High Availability Clustering.
ThingWorx supports Java 8, Oracle Java 11, and Amazon Corretto Java 11 (Open JDK). Refer to System Requirements for more information.
If you are upgrading to ThingWorx 9.1 on RHEL, you must upgrade your version of RHEL to RHEL 8.2 before upgrading ThingWorx. See System Requirements for more information.
Projects are now required for all entities.
If an editable extension entity is imported into 9.1, the project field for the entity will be read-only after importing the extension, and will retain its project setting from before the upgrade. Whether a project is assigned or the Project field is blank, that value is retained.
To allow for better organization of projects, there are two new project types: Component and Solution. A Solution type project represents a complete solution/application. A Component type project represents a part of a solution/application that are reusable. For example, a Component type project may have a user experience, models, and/or logic combined, which can be leveraged by a solution/application.
Exported files that use the export Source Control Entities option no longer contain the following attributes in the exported XML file:
Project management is simplified with the new Project View. Project View allows you to see all entities in your project with organized visualization.
Members can be easily added to and removed from Thing Groups via the Member Management screen.
The ReportingConfiguration data shape is now a system data shape and it cannot be edited. If you made any changes to this data shape in an earlier version of ThingWorx and upgrade to 9.1.0, they will be reset.
The Audit Log now has a robust filtering mechanism that allows you to search using AND/OR operators on multiple filters. For each filter, you choose a filter type, such as Audit Category or User, a condition, such as "is exactly" or "contains", and a value, such as "Authentication" or "Jake". For details, refer to Monitoring the Audit Log.
Updated the code snippet examples in Composer to reflect JavaScript coding best practices.
Added the Auth.log to store Auth logging messages. Refer to Logs for more information.
The information about Bar Chart, Line Chart, and Time Series Chart extensions are now available in the Help Center. Refer to Custom Charts Extensions to know about the three custom chart extensions.
The ThingWorx Remote Access Extension (RAE) and ThingWorx Remote Access Client (RAC) have been updated to work with ThingWorx Platform when it runs on Java 11. Note that JNLP is deprecated in Java 11. If any of your users depended on JNLP for tunneling, they should now use the ThingWorx Remote Access Client. Refer to for more information.
Mashup Builder
Added support for Undo The mashup migration is now a reversible action. You can click Undo on the toolbar to reverse the migration, before saving the mashup and closing the session.
The following options added to the Layout panel:
Container Scrolling—Enables you to choose how the mashup containers scroll when you add multiple containers to a layout. For each container that has two or more embedded containers, you can set scrolling on the current container, or scroll the embedded containers. This option affects the way responsive containers expand when they have content that overflows the current dimensions.
Ratio Distribution—Enables you to control how the grow and shrink ratio values are calculated for each container. You can set this option for any container that has one or more sibling containers on the same level. For information about this option, see Controlling the Grow and Shrink Ratio Distribution.
Configuration dialogs for widgets are now enhanced and updated. This includes dialogs for state formatting in addition to column and data configuration.
Added state formatting support to the following themed widgets:
Bar, Line, and Pareto Chart
List, List Shuttle, and DropDown
Value Display
You can now create more compelling visualization using conditional formatting features that are based on State Definition entities in the platform.
The grid advanced and tree grid advanced widgets now support rendering additional base types including Image, JSON, XML, Tags, and more. For more information about the supported base types, see Column Renderers and Formats.
Added the validation expression and validation message functionality to the Advanced Grid widget.
Added styles for chart widgets to the list of elements on the Styles tab of Style Theme entities. You can now specify the color of each data series within a chart using style themes.
Available style properties without a set value are now displayed on the Style Properties panel when you select a themed widget. This enables you to apply more advanced styling rules to themed widgets more easily, and without using custom CSS rules.
The following chart widgets have been enhanced with additional properties that enable you to add and configure a secondary Y axis:
Line Chart
Bar Chart
Schedule Chart
Added a new Auto Refresh function that replaces the existing Auto Refresh widget. When you migrate a mashup with the legacy widget, it is replaced by the function.
Added the following new widgets in the ThingWorx Platform:
Chip Based Data Filter
Pareto Chart
For more information, see Pagination, Chip Based Data Filter, and Pareto Chart.
The following widgets are now added to the legacy category:
Auto Refresh—Replaced by the Auto Refresh function.
Data Filter—Replaced by the new Data Filter widget, which supports theming.
These widgets are automatically replaced with a themed widget or a function when you migrate a legacy mashup.
ThingWorx Flow
ThingWorx Flow metrics have been added and are displayed in ThingWorx Flow Performance Advisor.
The Activity Logs page has been redesigned to provide advanced search and group by workflow name to view a complete overview of workflow execution.
ThingWorx Flow deployment enhancements
The ThingWorx Flow installer supports automatic uninstallation.
The ThingWorx Flow docker deployment has been simplified, and now uses a single configuration file.
Connectors enhancements
OSLC and HTTP connectors support the OAuth connection type.
SAP connector—The Execute BAPI action has been updated to search for BAPIs in the authorized SAP system.
The Windchill connector has been updated to support KeyStores and TrustStores in the PKCS12 and JKS format when using the 2–Way SSL connection type.
Known Issues and Limitations
The following known issues and limitations exist in ThingWorx 9.1.0:
In ThingWorx 9.1.0, new entities are assigned to the default PTCDefaultProject if a project is not assigned. An exception to this behavior is if entities are created using extension APIs, In this case, if a project is not assigned, it will not have an assigned project.
If you are performing an in-place upgrade to ThingWorx 9.1.0, you can not assign a project to an editable extension entity after the extension is imported into 9.1.0.
A SQL query that contains a line break will cause it to fail. Reference this article for more information.
Mashup Builder
In previous releases of ThingWorx, style properties under states such as the hover state were not applying correctly to widgets in a mashup. This issue is now fixed, which may affect the look of existing widgets in these states. If your mashup design relies on a specific style for widget states, adjust the style properties accordingly. For example, the background color of the Button widget did not change in the hover state. Following this fix, the background color changes to the default style theme color when you hover on the widget.
End of Support Information
As part of a change in browser support policy, ThingWorx will plan to stop supporting Mozilla Firefox's Rapid Release (RR), but continue supporting the Extended Support Release (ESR). See the Mozilla web site for details regarding the difference between the two. This change will come into effect with the first minor release following ThingWorx 9.1, so likely at some point during calendar year 2021.
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