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Upgrading ThingWorx
There are several options when performing an upgrade of ThingWorx. You can use the installer to upgrade or you can perform a manual in-place or migration upgrade. There is also an upgrade process if you are upgrading ThingWorx in an high availability environment.
Using the Installer to Upgrade
If you used the ThingWorx Foundation Installer to install ThingWorx Foundation 8.5.0 or later, you can use the installer to upgrade ThingWorx Foundation.
Manual Upgrade
When manually upgrading to a newer version of ThingWorx, administrators have two options for getting new features and enhancements into existing landscapes: in-place upgrades and migrations. Generally, for in-place upgrades, you do not need to delete the ThingworxStorage and ThingworxBackupStorage folders or import data/entities after installing ThingWorx, and is applicable when upgrading to the same persistence provider. Migrating requires exporting data and entities from the current ThingWorx, then importing those entities and data into the new version of ThingWorx. Refer to the following support matrices to determine your upgrade path:
Upgrading ThingWorx High Availability Clustering
If you are upgrading ThingWorx in a high availability environment in cluster mode, see Upgrading ThingWorx High Availability Clustering.