Project View
In ThingWorx 9.1.0 and later, the Project View is available. This view provides the ability to see all entities and project dependencies within a project organized by entity type, and remains sticky across user sessions.
Accessing Project View
Select the Project View icon () from the icons in the left column in Composer and then select the plus sign icon to add projects to the view or to create a new project.
Contents of the selected projects are organized and displayed in the project view. In the example below, the entities in the Project Entities table are organized by entity type in the Project View.
Project View Options
Using project view, entities within projects can be sorted by Date Modified, Descending, or Ascending order.
Up to 10 entities are displayed for each entity category, but the View More option loads the next 10 in the results and adds them to the list.
Entities that are open are displayed with bold text. Entities that are open with unsaved changes are displayed in bold text and have an asterisk next to them.
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