Creo Simulate > Running Solvers > FEM Solvers > Solving a Model Using an FEA Program
Solving a Model Using an FEA Program
Click Home > Run to open the Run FEM Analysis dialog box. This dialog box allows you to review the solver mesh, start an FEA program directly from Creo Simulate, or generate an output deck for use outside of Creo Simulate. You can also create a neutral file deck for use with solvers that Creo Simulate does not directly support.
The dialog box includes the following items:
Solver—Select the solver that you want to use for running the analysis.
Analysis—Select the type of analysis that you want the FEA solver to run.
Element Shape—Use the buttons in this area to specify the element shape, which, in turn, determines the order of the finite elements. Higher order elements can, in some cases, result in better model definition.
Analyses—Select one or more analyses that you want to include in the run or output deck. Creo Simulate displays a list that includes the names of all the analyses that you have created for the analysis category you selected on the Analysis drop-down list. For example, if you selected Modal on the Analysis drop-down list, Creo Simulate lists each of the modal analyses that you have defined for the model.
When Creo Simulate generates an output deck or passes the model to one of the solvers, it refers to the analyses you select to determine which loads, boundary conditions, and constraints to include in the run.
Coord System—Select the coordinate system that you want the solver to use when formulating results. If you do not select a coordinate system, Creo Simulate uses the WCS.
Aux Coord Systems—Select any additional coordinate systems you want to include in the run. You can select one or more individual coordinate systems from the list by highlighting items on the list or selecting all coordinate systems.
NASTRAN Analysis Template—Select a template for the NASTRAN analysis. This area appears only if you have selected MSC/NASTRAN from the Solver drop-down list.
run methods area—Use this area on the dialog box to indicate how you want Creo Simulate to process the run—display only, online, in the background, or by generate an output deck for the chosen solver.
After you complete an online or background run, Creo Simulate stores the model mesh and the FEA results in a single database file with a .frd extension. You use this file when you view results in the postprocessor. To fully understand how Creo Simulate uses the .frd file and what this file contains, see Storing and Retrieving FEA Results.
For a MSC/NASTRAN as the solver, a NASTRAN results file is created with the .xdb extension in addition to the .frd file. FEM mode gives you a direct access to the .xdb file, so you can view NASTRAN results in the postprocessor. For more information, see Loading NASTRAN Results Database.