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To Create an Output File
By default, all the analysis output files are placed in the study directory named after the selected analysis. If you want the output files to be placed in your working directory, then set the s configuration option to no. If you plan to perform finite element analyses on your model using an offline FEA program, you must create an output file, or deck, for the model's mesh data using these steps:
1. Click Home > Run. The Run FEM Analysis dialog box opens.
2. Select the format of the output file from the Solver drop-down list.
3. Select the analysis type from the Analysis list. Creo Simulate sets up the output deck for the type of analysis you select.
4. Use the Linear or Parabolic buttons to select the order of the finite elements.
5. Select the analyses that you want to include in the output deck from the Analyses list. This step determines the constraints, boundary conditions, and loads that Creo Simulate outputs.
6. If you do not want to use the WCS as the reference coordinate system, select a different coordinate system from the Coord System drop-down list.
7. If desired, use the Aux Coord Systems area to select one or more auxiliary coordinate systems to include in the output deck.
8. If you are generating an output deck for the NASTRAN solver and want to use a customized NASTRAN template, select a NASTRAN template.
9. Click the Output to File option, and if you have set the fem_study_directory configuration option to no, enter a name for the output file in the text box.
10. Click OK.
Creo Simulate creates the mesh output file in the working directory or study directory based on your setting of the fem_study_directory configuration. You can evaluate specific aspects of the mesh output in the work area. Return to Run Methods or Solving a Model Using an FEA Program.