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Running Analyses and Design Studies
Use the Analyses and Design Studies dialog box to run the analyses and design studies you create. This dialog box displays a list of existing analyses and design studies.
To run an analysis or design study, select it from the list in the dialog box and use the following options to set up and manage the run:
Run menu
Start—Start running the analysis or design study you select.
Stop—Stop running the analysis or design study you select.
Batch—Create the engine input files necessary to run one or more analyses or design studies.
Settings—Open the Run Settings dialog box, that enables you to change certain settings that Creo Simulate uses for the run. These settings apply to all analyses and design studies.
Info menu
Status—Open the Run Status window that enables you to view the status of a run and also view the interactive diagnostics for an analysis.
Check Model—Perform error checks in your model to determine whether there are problems such as missing properties, problems with constraints or boundary conditions, invalid analysis definitions, and so forth that would prevent an analysis or study run from starting.
Optimize History—Review the shape change history of your model for an optimization study and to overwrite your Creo Parametric part with the optimized shape developed in Creo Simulate.
For information on troubleshooting problems with a run, see Troubleshoot Run Problems. For information about reviewing the results of a run, see About Results.