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FEM Analysis Types
You can select one of the following analysis types from the Analysis drop-down list on the Analysis Definition dialog box. The analysis type you select is the one that the FEA solver will perform or for which Creo Simulate will output a deck.
The Analysis option menu includes these items:
Structural—Outputs a model and mesh for structural analysis.
Modal—Outputs a model and mesh for modal analysis.
Thermal—Outputs a model and mesh for thermal analysis. Note that thermal analysis is not supported in NASTRAN.
* You cannot select the Structural or Modal analysis if you are using the Thermal mode. Similarly you can not select the Thermal analysis if you are using the Structure mode.
When you select an analysis type, Creo Simulate adds all existing analyses of that type to the Analyses area of the dialog box. You can then select one or more individual analyses from that area. You can also choose not to select an analysis.
Note that, if you select Structural from the Analysis drop-down list, Creo Simulate lists both structural and modal analyses in the Analyses area. If you select a modal analysis under these circumstances, Creo Simulate runs a structural analysis that includes the constraints, frequency specifications, etc.from the modal analysis definition.