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NASTRAN Templates
You control what goes into the .nas file through a NASTRAN template file that you specify in the NASTRAN Analysis Template area of the Run FEM Analysis dialog box.
The NASTRAN Analysis Template area includes a file selector that you can use to browse for a NASTRAN template file. Once you select a template file, you can set that file as the default template for the model by clicking the Default button.
The format of the NASTRAN template file is as follows:
[optional, user supplied File Management and NASTRAN statements]

[optional, user supplied Executive Control statements]
@include_promesh_executive_control_section (optional)
[optional Executive Control statements]
[optional Case Control commands]
@include_promesh_case_control_section (optional)
@include_promesh_case_control_section_as_comments (optional)
[more optional, user supplied Case Control commands]
[optional, user supplied Bulk Data instructions]
@include_promesh_bulk_data_section (optional)
[more optional, user supplied Bulk Data instructions]
There are four special optional lines in this template file:
If these lines are present in the template file (case-insensitive), the software replaces them with data output from FEM mode as it processes the NASTRAN input file.
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