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To Solve a FEM Model Online or in the Background
1. Click Home > Run. The Run FEM Analysis dialog box opens.
2. Select the FEA program to access.
3. Select the analysis type from the Analysis option menu.
4. Use the Linearor Parabolic buttons to select the order of finite elements.
5. Select the analyses that you want to include in the solver run from the Analyses list. This step determines the constraints, boundary conditions, and loads that are output.
6. If you do not want to use the WCS as the reference coordinate system, select a different coordinate system from the Coord System option menu.
7. If desired, use the Aux Coord Systems area to select one or more auxiliary coordinate systems to include in the output deck.
8. If you are using the NASTRAN solver and want to use a customized NASTRAN template, select a NASTRAN template.
9. Select either Run Online or Run in Background to indicate how Creo Simulate will conduct the solving process.
10. Click OK.
Creo Simulate creates an output file for the FEA solver to use as input for the run. This file is named partname.ext file (where .ext is the appropriate three-letter file extension for the selected FEA solver). Once the FEA solver solves the mesh model, Creo Simulate stores the results in an .frd file. You can then view your model in the postprocessor, displaying the results of the finite element analysis in a variety of tabular and graphical formats.
* If there is already an .frd file that contains results, the system prompts you to overwrite the existing .frd file.
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