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To Review the Mesh
Use the Display Only or Output to File options in the Run FEM Analysis dialog box to review various aspects of your mesh.
1. Click Home > Run. The Run FEM Analysis dialog box opens.
2. Select the combination of options for which you want to generate data.
3. Select Display Only if you do not want Creo Simulate to write results to a file.
4. Click OK. Creo Simulate creates the mesh output file in the working directory if you selected Output to File, or in the study directory if you have set the fem_study_directory configuration option, and displays the meshed model again with internal element edges in gray.
5. Click Home > Mesh > Review to open the Mesh Review tab and select different options to review different aspects of your mesh.
When you finish viewing the mesh data, you can:
Generate an output file for use with an offline FEA program.
Solve the model from within Creo Simulate using one of the supported FEA solvers.