About Inheritance Features
Inheritance features allow one-way associative propagation of geometry and feature data from a reference part to a target part within an assembly. The created target part is fully functional even when the reference part is not in session.
Use Inheritance features to create variations of existing models. An Inheritance feature begins with all of its geometry and data identical to the reference part from which it is derived. You can define the following varied items of an Inheritance feature:
Dimension values, tolerances, and boundaries
Geometry tolerances (part of Annotations)
Features, suppressed, resumed or erased state of features
Surface Finishes
You can access the Varied Items dialog box when you select the Inheritance feature in the Model Tree, right-click, and do one of the following:
Click Varied Items.
Click and click Options > Varied Items in the Merge/Inheritance tab.
Varied items identified with a in the Varied Items dialog box, are recently added modifications. You can add new varied items, redefine them, or remove the existing ones.
Varied item settings identified with a * in a value cell of the Varied Items dialog box, follow the value of the reference model.
In the Model Tree,
—Identifies an Inheritance feature.
—Identifies an Inheritance feature with varied items defined