To Create an External Inheritance Feature
1. Retrieve an assembly, select a part in it, right-click, and choose Activate.
2. Select a second part in the assembly as the reference model from which geometry will be copied and click Get Data > Merge/Inheritance. The Merge/Inheritance tab opens with the reference model selected by default. You can select a different part as the reference model from the Model Tree or in the graphics window.
3. Click Merge/Inheritance to toggle between Merge mode (default) and Inheritance mode.
4. Click External.
5. Select a component or click Open and select a component. The Component Placement dialog box opens.
6. Choose Default from the Constraint Type list to place the external Inheritance feature in the default location or place it in a different location using one or more sets of constraints.
7. Click to complete the feature placement.
Click Edit Placement to change placement references.
8. Use the Options and Properties subtabs to define external Inheritance feature properties.
Properties options are identical to standard Inheritance features.
9. Click to complete the external Inheritance feature.