To Define Varied Features in an Inheritance Feature
1. Retrieve an assembly, select a part in it, right-click, and choose Activate.
2. Select a second part in the assembly as the reference model from which geometry will be copied and click Get Data > Merge/Inheritance. The Merge/Inheritance tab opens with the reference model selected by default. You can select a different part as the reference model from the Model Tree or in the graphics window.
3. Click Merge/Inheritance to toggle between Merge mode (default) and Inheritance mode.
4. Click Options.
5. Click Varied Items. The Varied Items dialog box and a separate window showing the Inheritance model open.
6. Click the Features tab and select a feature of the Inheritance model. The selected feature is highlighted in the model and added to the features list in the Varied Items dialog box.
7. To remove a dimension, select it from the list and click . To add dimensions, click and select other features of the Inheritance model.
8. To suppress, resume, or erase a feature, select a feature from the list and choose one of the following value limits from the New Status list:
Resumed (default)
9. Click OK.
To redefine the varied features, right-click the Inheritance feature in the Model Tree, and select Varied Items from the shortcut menu. The Varied Items dialog box opens.