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To Define Varied References in Inheritance or External Inheritance Features
1. Retrieve an assembly, select a part in it, right-click, and choose Activate.
2. Select a second part in the assembly as the reference model from which geometry will be copied and click Get Data > Merge/Inheritance. The Merge/Inheritance tab opens with the reference model selected by default. You can select a different part as the reference model from the Model Tree or in the graphics window.
3. Click Merge/Inheritance to toggle between Merge mode (default) and Inheritance mode.
4. Click Options.
5. Click Varied Items. The Varied Items dialog box and a separate window showing the Inheritance model open.
6. Click the References tab and then click (default).
7. Select the reference entity within the Inheritance feature that you want to replace. Selection is limited to Inheritance feature subfeatures.
8. Select the new reference either inside or outside the Inheritance feature. (The new reference replaces the previous reference.) The replacement reference must be the same entity type. The Define Sub-Features dialog box opens.
9. Select the subfeatures for which you are replacing references.
If varied references are listed and you want to make a change, click the item under New Refs to redefine the varied reference item or click under Sub-Feat to reroute the feature.
10. Click to select and then add one subfeature at a time, or click All ref sub-feats to add all subfeatures. You may want to add all subfeatures and then select and click to delete subfeatures that you do not want to include.
11. Click OK to accept your subfeature selections and to close the Define Sub-Features dialog box.
12. Click OK to close the Varied Items dialog box. The references are replaced.
To replace all references for subfeature of an inheritance feature, right-click the subfeature in the Model Tree, and choose from the shortcut menu. The Edit References dialog box opens, from which you can change the references, making them varied. The varied reference items are then added to the Inheritance feature and the Inheritance feature regenerates.
To change the way columns are displayed in the Varied Items dialog box, click .