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About Holemaking
A Holemaking NC sequence is created by selecting the cycle type and specifying the holes to drill by defining the Hole Set(s). The order of machining the holes is defined by the SCAN_TYPE parameter value.
A Hole Set includes one or more holes to be drilled; each Hole Set has a drilling depth specification or countersink diameter value associated with it. You can include more than one Hole Set in a single Holemaking NC sequence; this allows drilling of holes with different depth specifications, as well as having multiple countersink diameter values, within a single NC sequence.
There are various methods of selecting the holes to be included in a Hole Set:
By selecting individual hole axes
By including all holes on a specified surface
By including all holes of a specified diameter
By including all holes with a certain value of a feature parameter
By including all holes with chamfers machinable by the current tool (for countersinking)
By selecting individual datum points to mark the drill locations
By including all datum points on a specified surface
By selecting cylindrical surfaces that represent hole geometry
If you need to perform a series of Holemaking NC sequences on the same group of holes, you can define a Drill Group using the techniques above, and then reference this Drill Group when defining Hole Sets. This simplifies the selection process; you can also parametrically update all the NC sequences by modifying the Drill Group.