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To Edit and Set Up a Peck Table
You must set up the peck table before defining a Variable Peck NC step.
1. To edit a Peck table before editing a step, click Manufacturing > Machine Tool Setup > Peck Table. Alternatively, when editing a Variable Peck drilling step, click Edit Peck Table on the Parameters tab.
2. Click one of the following options:
Create—Brings up the Pro/TABLE editor to create a new peck table. An empty table of the proper format will be displayed.
Modify—Brings up the Pro/TABLE editor to modify the peck table values. The current peck depth table will be displayed for editing.
Delete—(Available only at setup time.) Deletes the current peck table. You will be asked to confirm your command to delete the table.
Show—Brings up the Information Window, displaying the values in the peck table.
3. Click Create or Modify. The Pro/TABLE editor window appears. Enter values for Low Diameter, High Diameter, Peck Depth Ratio, and Feed Rate.
4. When you are finished entering values, exit the Pro/TABLE editor and save the changes.