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To Select Holes by Feature Parameters
1. On the References tab, click Details. The Holes dialog box opens.
2. Click Rule: parameters tab to include holes that have certain parameter values. You can create and modify feature parameters in part, assembly, or manufacture mode.
When you click this tab, a list of all feature parameters associated with Hole and Cosmetic Thread features in the model are displayed in a collector. When you select a parameter name, a list displays all the existing values for this parameter.
3. To add a feature parameter, select a parameter name in the collector that displays the existing feature parameters.
4. Select an operator from the list. For Integer and Real parameter types, the available operators are "=", "!=", ">", and "<". For other parameter types, only "=" and "!=" are available.
5. Select a value from the list or type a value.
6. Click . Creo NC displays the selected parameter and its value in the list box and includes all holes with the appropriate feature parameter values in the Hole Set.