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To Select Holes by Points
1. When defining a Holemaking NC sequence, select Points from the Type list on the References tab.
2. Click Details to open the Holes dialog box.
3. On the Holes tabbed page, select points for drilling in the following ways:
Points on Surfaces—Click to collect all datum points on selected surfaces or right-click the graphics window and select Points on Surfaces.
Datum Point Features—Click to collect all datum points belonging to a feature or right-click the graphics window and select Datum Point Features.
Individual Points—Click to select individual datum points or right-click the graphics window and select Individual Points .
Excluded Points—Click to exclude points selected on surface or in datum point features or right-click the graphics window and select Excluded Points.
4. Datum point features and individual points require a reference surface for the drilling direction, and a maximum distance that the point can be from the surface. Enter a value for Maximum Distance to specify how far the points can be from the projection surfaces when selecting Individual Points or Datum Point Features. If some or all the input points are too far from projection surfaces, they are disregarded and an appropriate message is displayed.
5. Define Projection Surfaces differently depending on the following techniques you use for selecting points:
If you use surface, the surfaces selected for collecting the datum points are also used as projection surfaces.
If you use points, the projection surface is the retract surface for 3-axis Holemaking. For 5-axis Holemaking, you must explicitly select projection surfaces.
You cannot combine this method with other methods of hole selection. If you try doing so when some of the holes have already been selected using another method (or vice versa), Creo NC prompts you about discarding the previous selections.