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To Define Plates for Web Drilling
1. Ensure that you are in a Web Drilling NC sequence. For more information on creating a Holemaking NC sequence, see To Create a Holemaking NC Sequence.
On the References tab, select the following options in the Depth list:
2. Manual—Select to perform Blind drilling. The Plates box listing all the plates that are defined appears.
The first plate is added automatically. Define the start and end surfaces for the plate using the Start collector and options in the End list.
Click to add a new plate and define the start and end surfaces for the new plate.
Creo NC adds the plate name to the list in the box below the list.
To delete a plate, right-click the plate in the box and click Remove. Similarly, to delete the start or end surface, right-click the surface in the Start or End collector and click Remove.
3. Automatic or Through All—Select to perform Automatic or Through All drilling. Creo NC determines the start and end of drilling for each plate based on the intersection of the hole axes with the parts selected for depth calculation.