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To Select Holes by Diameters
1. You can select hole diameters in one of the following ways:
On the References tab, click in the Holes collector and select hole diameters.
Alternatively, select on the desired hole when a Drilling tab is open and the Holes collector is active. All holes of that diameter are selected for drilling. This is applicable only for cylindrical surfaces.
In the Holes dialog box, click the Rule: diameters tab and perform the following:
Select a diameter from the Available list.
Click to add the diameter to the Selected list. Creo NC adds all holes of the specified diameter to the Hole Set.
Alternatively, right-click the graphics window and select Hole Diameters from the shortcut menu
The selected number of holes are displayed in the Holes collector on the References tab.
2. To remove all holes of a specified diameter, right-click the holes in the Holes collector on the References tab and click Remove.